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'Last Man Standing' Competition

posted 20 Aug 2015, 02:41 by Robert Emmetts PRO   [ updated 1 Sept 2015, 00:55 ]
We are running a 'Last Man Standing' competition to raise funds for the club. It costs just £10 to enter and there can only be one winner!

1. Pick one Premier League team each week
- If they win you go through to the next week
- If they lose or draw you are out

2. You can only select a particular team once (unless you make it to week 21)

3. The winner is the last person standing on their own (no final-two splits)

4. Selections must be made by 10 pm the night before fixtures take place (normally Friday night). If no selection is made you are out

£10 entry fee must be paid in full before the weekend of August 29/30.